Long Island Frozen Storage

Our Team

H. Vollbracht:

Mr. Vollbracht has over 45 years of experience in distribution, logistics, and fulfillment. His was previously an executive at Sage Foods where he oversaw warehousing and order fulfillment for the airline industry.  Prior to that he was the president of Four Star Dairy.  Mr. Vollbracht has been with Long Island Frozen Storage since 1996.

D. Loguidice:

Mr. Loguidice experienced executive with over 30 years working in the food industry and directing inventory, logistics and fulfillment. Mr. Loguidice oversaw 7-Eleven’s manufacturing and distribution in Long Island.  He also worked at Crown Food Systems, Norris Foods, LSG Sky Chef, and Nutrifresh Services.  Mr. Loguidice specializes in optimizing packaging for cold product storage and delivery and overseeing direct-to-consumer shipping.

R. Esposito:

Mr. Esposito is a technology leader in the logistics space. Mr. Esposito was the CEO of gg Technologies, a logistics technology consultant. Previously, Mr. Esposito ran the operations of The Meal Kitchen, a wholesale meal distribution company that supplied Crunch Fitness and UFC gyms.  Mr. Esposito has dedicated his career to helping warehousing and distribution companies implement new technologies to improve efficiency and day to day operations.

B. Svendsen:

Mr. Svendsen was the Co-founder and Technology Advisor of AE Logistics NYC. He specializes in collaborating with client teams, providing UI and UX design, defining requirements, and creating seamless technology solutions for logistics and shipping mandates.  With extensive technology delivery experience, Mr. Svendsen has previously led logistics technology solutions for such companies as T-Mobile, Verizon, Pfizer, BMS, and Merck.

M. Vollbracht:

Mrs. Vollbracht is a seasoned financial executive with over 40 years of experience in warehousing and distribution. She was previously an executive with Four Star Dairy.  Mrs. Vollbracht has been the CFO of Long Island Frozen Storage since 1996.

A. Felix:

Mr. Felix has over 15 years of experience in warehouse and logistics management. Mr. Felix was previously the CEO of New Jersey Frozen Storage.  He has vast experience in implementing direct-to-consumer fulfillment and shipping solutions for companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and wholesale distribution space.