Long Island Frozen Storage


Long Island Frozen Storage offers customized solutions to meet your order fulfillment needs. 

We provide storage and fulfillment for frozen, refrigerated, and ambient temperatures.  Our complete pick and pack solution takes care of the entire fulfillment process, beginning with order capture from your e-commerce platform to distribution. 

Warehousing and fulfillment specialists will fulfill your orders and handle your product distribution directly to your consumers as an extension of your business. Our warehouse and fulfillment services are well suited for e-commerce businesses, nationwide chains, and growing companies in need of additional storage. 

Our Fulfillment  Services include:

Temperature controlled storage & handling

Inventory management

Integration with your software to streamline order management:

Our technology team will set-up integration directly with you!  We can make the process of order-capture, production of labels, and tracking completely seamless.

Pick & Pack services:

Pick & Pack services: Our team specializes in complex, multi-SKU fulfillment.  Every package that goes out undergoes quality control.

Barcode and UPC code labeling

Returns Management:

Returns Management: Our team can help you minimize your returns by optimizing shipping and packaging and help automate the returns process.

Procurement and storage of packing materials :

We can order, store and assemble boxes, insulation material, ice packs, dry ice, and more!

Optimization of packaging to ensure successful cold delivery and efficient DIM weight for shipping:

We offer several packaging solutions and can design one that is perfectly suited for your needs.  We specialize in creating packaging that can allow for 2-day shipping so that overnight costs are not incurred!

Shipping via FedEx, UPS, long-haul trucking, and last-mile services: