Long Island Frozen Storage


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Long Island Frozen Storage operates on a 24/7 basis. Appointments are typically required for all shipments. Scheduled receipts and shipments will be given priority treatment versus unscheduled. It is always advisable to call ahead and book a time in order to avoid any waiting.

Emergency shipments and receipts can be accommodated also. Charges may be assessed for the service, but it is available. Customers will receive a number to dial for emergencies.

A dock appointment is considered “missed” if the carrier fails to check in within 10 minutes of the agreed upon time, or if the carrier is unable to be loaded within 10 minutes of the agreed upon time due to the carrier’s equipment failure or unsanitary condition of trailer. Note that in summer months, the carrier may be required by the shipper to pre-cool the trailer. The carrier is responsible to have the trailer pre-cooled by the appointment time.

Our staff will do its best to reschedule for the next available appointment time on the same day.

All transactions require even pallet exchange. However, customers of Long Island Frozen Storage are allowed to keep a floating pallet balance. LIFS will not give credit for, exchange, or require exchange for substandard pallets. Substandard is generally accepted to mean missing or broken boards, or missing or broken stringers or double stringers. Read Policy.
Pallets are available to purchase at all storage facilities. Carriers must pay for pallets with cash or recognized commercial carrier drafts such as Comchek.
LIFS facilities can accommodate floor or slip sheeted receipts and shipments. Additional handling charges may apply and may be charged to the carrier or the customer, depending on the circumstances.
Drivers are not permitted to operate material handling equipment owned by LIFS. All palletized loads will be loaded or unloaded by LIFS personnel only. Drivers may be required to hand stack floor loaded product onto pallets, or sort mixed pallets for proper counting.
Our cold storage facilities have ground level loading/unloading capability. There may be a small surcharge for this service.
Yes. Contracts, unless by mutual agreement, do not contain term commitments. Our contract outlines the legal terms and conditions covering our services, including the limits of our liability. All product received at LIFS is governed by the terms of our contract. Unless by mutual agreement, our Terms and Conditions are considered the contract. Terms and Conditions.
Public warehouses do not insure product that does not belong to them. While we do not require you to carry insurance on your product, we will not reimburse you for losses that are not directly related to errors or negligence on our part. Even then, there are limitations to our liability.

We do have legal liability, general liability, and workers compensation insurance, but those policies are not a substitute for carrying your own insurance on your product.
Yes. However, the holder of the warehouse receipt we issue when the product arrives is considered the legal owner of the product to us. If you would like to have new receipts created for the new owner, you must contact us in advance of the date of transfer. This is called a “transfer of title in storage.”
All rates are individually quoted based on storage and handling requirements.

Rates are generally quoted on a per pallet basis. However, customized quotes based on net weight, gross weight and case count are available.

Handling is generally quoted as an up-front, one-time charge that includes receiving pallets of product from a dock height truck, placing pallets in storage, and returning pallets to a dock height truck for shipping. Handling can also be rated on weight or case count.

Storage – there are several storage schemes available. Monthly anniversary – the day of the month that your product first arrives at LIFS becomes its anniversary date. Initial storage is charged on that day. If product is still on hand on that same day the following month, recurring storage is charged. Also available: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly anniversary – similar to monthly anniversary, however the storage period becomes a single day, a week, or every two weeks.
No. Different products have different characteristics, and therefore, we allow for different billing schemes. The only constraint is that once a billing method is chosen for a particular product, it cannot be changed until all product has been shipped and storage has been invoiced.
We intentionally wait two to four days after the close of the month before generating invoices. By doing so, we can make sure that adjustments are properly posted prior to generating invoices.
This is a common question when anniversary billing is being used. The quantities and weights shown on the invoice will reflect what was “on hand” as of each items anniversary date, not what was “on hand” at the end of the calendar.
LIFS offers, free of charge, internet access to inventory, transaction data, shipping data, etc. Inventory and transaction reports can be printed locally at your pc in either .pdf or excel formats.
Yes. We keep a small supply of insulated shipping containers and we can use refrigerated or frozen gel packs, or even dry ice to keep the product cold.